Spectral Visions–Demon Lovers: Embracing the Monster in Paranormal Romance, Sunderland, 30 Oct

On Thursday 30th October, the illustrious Dr Bill Hughes is coming to Sunderland to speak at the Spectral Visions Halloween Bash. The time and location is to be confirmed, but you are all invited to join us!

Dr Hughes will be speaking on Demon Lovers, the Byronic hero and paranormal romance.

This is his synopsis.

More details to follow!

Open Graves, Open Minds

A synopsis of my forthcoming talk for the University of Sunderland’s Spectral Visions group; more details to follow soon:

The Twilight phenomenon has made us aware of a new kind of story about monsters. In these narratives the protagonist, instead of fleeing from it in terror or hunting it down, embraces the monster. Twilight was not the first of these tales (nor the best) and sparkly vampires are not the only demonic lovers. But despite a long history of monstrous couplings in literature, myth, and folklore, a distinct contemporary genre has emerged, called variously paranormal romance, dark romance, Gothic romance, or dark fantasy (though the definitions are imprecise and shift in reference).

The best known incarnation of this present-day demon lover is the sympathetic vampire, who was probably the first of these paranormal paramours to emerge from the shadows. But werewolves, angels, demons, fairies, trolls, cyborgs, and even the unlikely…

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About spectralvisions

Spectral Visions is an annual Gothic conference hosted by the University of Sunderland. It explores the dark, the decadent and the terrifying aspects of Gothic literature and language. This blog is a student-run initiative, where Visionaries showcase their creative talents and learning in short stories, poems and essays on the Gothic. You can follow us on Twitter at @spectralvisi0ns or like us on Facebook at facebook.com/uosgothic
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