To Whom Does Control Belong?

Jenah Colledge is a third year BA English and Creative Writing student at the University of Sunderland. Her interests include supernaturalism, fairy tales and romance. See more of her work in the student profiles.

The vampire; what is it about the blood thirsty immortal that lures us in?

Of course immortality may seem desirable, but in some cases maybe not. Maybe it boils down to the woman, and to how we ourselves desire the reigns of control. The female species time after time are attracted, like a magnet, to a man in need of fixing; the bad boy with a heart that just needs taming.

Dating back to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, where we were presented with a more hideous like creature, the attraction lay within the body of the beast, much like Disney’s similar fairy tale. The woman, controlled by a powerful connection, identified with the human like characteristics in the hope of saving the man behind the mask.

However over time, as the undead gracefully transformed into mouth-watering sex symbols – and let’s be honest, it’s hard to resist such a being anyway – bonds were also made in which the woman sought her own power by trapping it into tapping into the remnants of what humanity remained within the beast, taming the God like creature, rather than saving it. Current evidence is supplied in the literature and screenings of The Vampire Diaries and The Twilight Saga. It seems the female generation cling to the idea of hope and happiness, in the pursuit of segregating their men from the wild savage states that overpower them. Yet, regardless of the sexual enhancements for social significance, the monstrous generic traits still lie within the vampire, leaving us to question again, the attraction towards the horror of the creature. In Bella Swan’s case, danger emulating her world is something she can’t live without, throwing caution to the wind as to the meaning behind that and whether or not the woman is always looking for something more, in the form of danger.

So, although the fearsome objects are either beastly on the surface or within, the female species like to knar at the danger in a fight to act out their natural instinctive behaviour, such as maternal nurturing or over-thinking and talking out a situation. Whether it is either, in most cases, it would appear that women are more comfortable when in control of men. Psychologically, it would appear that this has always been the case according to Freud, who believed women hanker after leadership.

What do you believe? Is it possible to tame the beast? Are you biased by your answer because you are female? Or, are humans merely drawn to a vampire’s sense of power and offer of forever? If that be the case, then is it the same for the male reader? As men, do you wish to be controlled or be the controller? Maybe it is the woman, who fulfilled with being seduced, finds a thrill of power being the seducer. It could even just be the simplicity and symbolism of romance and how it never dies.

About spectralvisions

Spectral Visions is an annual Gothic conference hosted by the University of Sunderland. It explores the dark, the decadent and the terrifying aspects of Gothic literature and language. This blog is a student-run initiative, where Visionaries showcase their creative talents and learning in short stories, poems and essays on the Gothic. You can follow us on Twitter at @spectralvisi0ns or like us on Facebook at
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