Contemporary Media and the Gothic

Contemporary Media and the Gothic is a series of posts which explore how the Gothic tradition has been reinterpreted and influenced by contemporary media.

With me, you will behold terrible wonders; a review of Penny Dreadful (x)
– By Stephanie Gallon – July, 2014

Tate Langdon – A Loveable Murdering Rapist; an analysis in American Horror Story (x)
-By Holly Youell, –  November, 2014

A Clown with a Twist; an analysis in American Horror Story: Freakshow (x)
-By Jenah Colledge – November, 2014

The Femme Fatale: American Horror Story and Those Deadly Women (x)
-By Sophie Raine – December, 2014

Gothic in Night on Bald Mountain (1940) (x)
-By Stephanie Gallon – January, 2015

Beautiful things are fragile; Female Gothic and Crimson Peak (x)
By Stephanie Gallon – October 2015

The Walking Dead: Glenn vs Glenn and other deaths (x)
-Jennie Watson – 1st November 2015

Devil’s Night Service (x)
-Connor Taylor – 1st December 2015


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